Revive CO2 Mask


Invigorate the skin with SESHA Revive CO2 Mask! This signature treatment creates a CO2 environment that triggers a natural increase in oxygen to the treatment area, also known as the Bohr Effect, a concept inspired by naturally carbonated hot springs. By creating an excess of CO2 on the skin, the body must respond by delivering more oxygen through the blood to create a balance. Oxygenated skin leads to an increase in cell metabolism and collagen production, improved blood circulation, enhancement of product delivery, absorption, and a radiant, more youthful appearance.

Our SESHA skin care brand is based on combining Dr. Dean Hsieh’s scientific breakthrough delivery system (Permeation Enhancement Technology) with high quality active ingredients.

Owner/CEO Phyllis Hsieh has been dedicated to speaking and educating estheticians for over twenty years. Phyllis speaks at the IECSC, ICES, Nasnpro, L+A Live and WellSpa360 virtual.

Conrex Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a Research & Development lab located in PA for over twenty years. Our chemist has over twenty-five years of experience formulating luxury skin care products.

Why choose SESHA?

• Immediate education, training and certification available.

• SESHA products are formulated with P.E.T. delivery system for deeper penetration.

• SESHA uses quality, medical-grade ingredients.

• SESHA offers complementary home care product lines to enhance treatment results.

• SESHA has over twenty-five years of experience with research and formulating.

• SESHA products are made in the USA, cruelty-free, paraben free, non toxic.

• SESHA is a family, woman, minority owned business.


Upon purchasing the Revive CO2 Mask you will receive a training video. Our representatives will contact you to answer any questions. We also offer live training webinars or in person training at our corporate headquarters in West Chester, PA.


We look forward to hearing from you! Revive CO2 is a unique standalone treatment! Our educators are available to help you get started immediately!

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