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6 products

Under-Eye Care by Sesha Skin Therapy

You may have not felt the need to update your skincare routine in a while because it works perfectly well for you. But have you been noticing some common signs of aging, especially around your eyes? Well, that means you need to consider changing things up a little bit and adding anti-aging eye-care to your routine...

Some of the telltale signs of aging that may appear in the skin surrounding your eyes are wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles as well as under-eye bags. Since this skin is incredibly thin and sensitive, it is crucial that you find the right products to address these issues. Fortunately, with Sesha Skin Therapy’s range of eye-care products, that shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. Here, we offer a collection of advanced, innovative anti-aging products that are specially formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes, from eye infusions to eye creams for wrinkles.

Find Products Made Using Permeation Enhancement Technology (P.E.T.®)

At Sesha Skin Therapy, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best in anti-aging skincare, and that is why all our products are made using Permeation Enhancement Technology or P.E.T.® It is a revolutionary drug delivery technology that enables the delivery of powerful active ingredients deep inside the skin, to the regenerative layer where new cells are formed. So, when these cells are nourished by the anti-aging ingredients, they help your skin look and feel younger and healthier.

Shop the Best Under-Eye Creams

There is nothing wrong with fine lines or any other signs of aging. In fact, you may not even be too concerned about them right now. However, incorporating an eye serum into your daily skin routine today will keep the skin thicker and more taut, which will prevent the need for invasive med spa procedures down the line. Our Complex C Serum is effective in preventing the inevitable Crow’s feet from forming. It contains two powerful peptides, Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline. Combined with P.E.T., these ingredients prevent and correct fine lines and slow muscle contractions when used twice a day.

Our products are formulated to slow down aging and ward off the signs. So, if you want to do that or maybe just keep your under-eye area healthy and glowing, it is crucial that you incorporate our products into your skincare routine. Eye care might sound daunting right out of the gate but if you know what you are doing and have the right products at hand, like the best eye cream for wrinkles by Sesha Skin Therapy, it is an effortless process that will help you achieve flawless under-eye skin.

Shop under-eye creams for dark circles, eye infusions, makeup removers, Under-Eye Revital Dermal mask, as well as facial kits at Sesha Skin Therapy.