Methods of Reducing Pigmentation and Lightening

The quest for chemicals or agents that could bring about de-pigmentation of the human skin has been an ongoing challenge to physicians and researchers.  Many of the methods used today have been around for many years.  There is still no definitive product that is safe, effective and practical.

The main mechanisms of action of the de-pigmenting molecules used in cosmetics may be summarized as follows:

  1. To reduce stimulation of melanin production (sun filters and/or screens).
  2. Removal of existing melanin by encouraging epidermal cellular (exfoliation).   Thereby removing cells on the skin surface containing granules of melanin already formed (alpha-hydroxide acids and retinoic acid).
  3. Reducing the production of new pigment by means of inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase at several levels and with different mechanisms (various substances).

The Cell-White system prevents hyperpigmentation at all stages of its development

The Cell-White regimen incorporates active ingredients that help prevent critical cellular processes that cause discoloration in the deeper skin cell layers, stop the chemical reaction of melanocytes and promote an increase in the cell turnover rate to exfoliate epidermal pigmentation.

Seven key depigment topics related to the Cell-White line:

1.         Blocks MSH cell receptors with AMHP, a peptide with the same molecular configuration as MSH – “turns off” the melanin switch.
2.         Lightens existing pigmentation with either hyroquinone or its natural counterpart, alpha-arbutin.
3.         Helps inhibit tyrosinase reaction to prevent the activation of melanin.
4.         Helps chelate the existing co-enzyme such as copper ion.
5.         Minimizes the transfer of melanin from the melanocyte to the epidermis.
6.         Aids in increasing the cell turnover rate of the epidermis.
7.         Protects the skin from further hyperpigmentation due to sun and environmental exposure.

SESHA SKIN THERAPY uses Permeation Enhancement Technology (PET™), combined with advanced de-pigmenting raw materials to prevent and treat all hyperpigmentation problems. The full line of  Cell-White lightening products include:

  • Clinical Advanced Lightening Serum (2% hydroquinone, combined with a bitter almond extract formula)
  • Cell-White De-Mela Lotion (unique AMHP complex formula to prevent melanin production)
  • Cell-White Fadeout 10 Lightening Serum (a natural formula to diminish hyperpigmentation without hydroquinone)
  • Cell-White Fadeout 15 Lightening Serum (2% hydroquinone combined with de-pigment herbal formula)
  • Cell-White Lightening Emulsion (unique AMHP combined with natural de-pigment ingredients)
  • Cell-White Brightening Mask (alpha-arbutin and herbs help brighten, soothes & hydrates skin)

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