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Experience a revolutionary delivery system backed by science

Experience the revolutionary P.E.T.® technology delivery system backed by science.


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Our Story

The story of SESHA SKIN THERAPY began as a biomedical endeavor over 30 years ago when Harvard and MIT educated scientist, Dr. Dean Hsieh, discovered a way to deliver large density drugs into the body through the skin as an alternative to pills or injections. This technology, Permeation Enhancement Technology (P.E.T.®), was a medical breakthrough and is a key ingredient, providing an enhanced delivery system, for a pharmaceutical product approved by the FDA in 2002*. During the initial testing phases of P.E.T.®, vitamin creams were applied on human skin to test the efficacy of the delivery system, and through that process, our scientists recognized that P.E.T.® could achieve remarkable results in preventing and restoring damage to the skin.

In 1996, from the idea that our skin’s aging process can be significantly slowed if active ingredients are allowed to penetrate and feed our regenerative living cells, SESHA SKIN THERAPY’s first two products were born – the A.C.E. Cream and A.C.E. Emulsion. Since then, SESHA SKIN THERAPY has extended and expanded it’s anti-aging line to include levels of treatment for all types of skin and for all ages.

*Testim ®, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

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