From Dean S. Hsieh, the founder of Conrex Pharmaceuticals Corporation, to Tom Liu, Lead Cosmetic Chemist, we honor the men behind Sesha Skin Therapy.

Hsieh began his life with a humble foundation. Growing up in a one-room mud cabin in Taiwan, his drive for academic excellence and hard work awarded him a spot at the top university in Taiwan, National University of Taiwan. Pursuing his academic endeavors, he immigrated to the United States of America to further his education. Studying Biomaterials Science and Engineering at MIT and earning his Phd, he completed his postdoctoral work as a biomaterials scientist at Harvard University.

Dr. Hsieh taught as an assistant professor of Pharmacy at Rutgers University in New Jersey where he edited a two-volume study, “Controlled Release Systems” and previously edited “Drug Permeation Enhancement Theory and Applications.” Recognized as an expert in drug delivery technology, Dr. Hsieh published over 70 scientific articles and was the organizer and moderator of the drug delivery panel at the PharmTech Conference.

Upon Dr. Hsieh’s passing, his wife, Phyllis, continues today as the family’s matriarch. She is the President of Conrex Pharmaceuticals Corporation and its sister company, which she created, Sesha Skin Therapy.

Using P.E.T.™, Phyllis, and her second husband, Tom Liu, a cosmetic chemist, began to formulate skincare products to nourish the skin. Liu has been instrumental in formulating the Sesha Skin Therapy professional product range. Utilizing performance ingredients and high-quality botanicals in optimum levels of formulation, Liu has developed a clinical treatment skincare range meeting every need and goal based on the belief that nourishing the skin is the foundation to healthy-looking skin.

Sesha Skin Therapy is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. The cosmetic chemistry labs and manufacturing facility are both located on the same campus allowing the cosmetic chemistry team to oversee the production of each and every product from conception to final formulation and fulfillment. The company remains at the forefront of cutting edge skin care technology and in the backbar of estheticians across the world.

Phyllis and her daughter, Esther Tou, VP of Marketing, have now joined together to continue building the successful Sesha Skin Therapy product range honoring science, technology and family. This Father’s Day, we celebrate the men behind the science of our family business.


The late Dr. Dean Hsieh, founder of Conrex Pharmaceuticals, with his wife, Phyllis Hsieh-Liu, current president of SESHA Skin Therapy and their children


Tom Liu, lead cosmetic chemist and formulator at SESHA Skin Therapy