3 Signs It Is Time to Switch-Up Your Skincare Routine

You may have built yourself what seems like the perfect 10-step skincare routine, but are the products really working for you?

It isn’t easy finding the right skincare routine for yourself. It takes considerable trial and error. But once you nail it down, it can often be difficult to say goodbye to something that you have come to love and trust. It is, however, important to determine if all the products in your routine are as effective as you like to think. Depending on your age, overall health, the weather you are constantly exposed to, and a host of other factors, your skin type can change over time. And that means your skincare routine also needs to change.

Here are a few possible signs that indicate that your everyday skincare regimen needs an update:

  1. You aren’t seeing results

When you start using any skincare product, it takes a good one to two months for the visible results to kick in. But if you do not notice any change even after that period, it could be a sign that the product is not working for your skin. No matter what product or brand you use, the ultimate goal is balanced, healthy, and glowing skin. And if a product is unable to deliver that, you need to swap it out for something more effective.

 3 Signs It Is Time to Switch-Up Your Skincare Routine

  1. You are breaking out more frequently

If you see zits popping up all over your face after changing your skincare routine, it could either be a sign of skin purging or a reaction to a certain product. Products like retinoids often result in a high cell turnover, which causes the preexisting microcomedones in your skin to rise to the surface, which then results in whiteheads, pustules, cysts, and so on. But this happens in areas where you usually get breakouts. If you are breaking out frequently in newer areas, it may be time to make changes to your routine.

  1. Your skin is too oily or too dry

If your skin is feeling oiler or drier than normal, you need to change your skincare products. Dry patches, which can be can be a huge pain in the neck as they are not easy to cover up with makeup, are usually caused when you use products with ingredients like alcohol and fragrances. Oily skin, on the other hand, could be because of overusing certain products or skipping out on essentials like gentle cleansers and moisturizers. Either way, these skin concerns are a sign that you need to introduce new products to your routine.

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